Several of our staff took part in the Cancer Research Race for Life charity event in Leeds over the holiday. The event, called “pretty muddy”, is a obstacle course where they run, climb and crawl through 5 kilometres of muddy obstacles.

Congratulations to Mrs Redgrave, Mrs Lonsdale, Mrs Nemeth, Mrs Mulholland, Mrs Borrow and Miss Russell who had a fantastic time and helped raise money for Cancer Research.

9 responses to “Race for Life”

  1. Faheem says:

    Best teachers ever x

  2. izarah mitha says:

    I am going to miss these guys, they have been the best😊

  3. Raheem Ditta says:

    My favourite teachers x

  4. Abdul hadi says:

    I will miss you all

  5. Mehrab khan says:

    I love you teachers miss borrow epecally xx

  6. Sanaa Ahmed says:

    I miss you all so much! Primary school went too fast, wish i could have one more year

  7. khadija saleh(simba) says:

    i miss em so much i never even knew about this race 4 life

  8. I miss you so much.I never knew about this.

  9. Hashim says:

    Miss all the teachers

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