PSHE and citizenship are taught to all children. Teachers provide learning opportunities matched to the individual needs of children, based around the themes of Safety, Health, Relationships and Self-Awareness. Complementing the class-based learning, children are encouraged to play an active role in the school and in the wider community. The School Council provides them with an opportunity to experience the rights and responsibilities involved in citizenship.

SEAL is taught to all children, with the aim of developing their emotional intelligence. Teachers use the themes and resources from the central SEAL resource pack to develop children’s, empathy, self-awareness, social skills, motivation and their ability to manage their feelings. SEAL provision is complementary to PSHE and citizenship, and is delivered both theme-by-theme, and according to specific current need at the discretion of the teacher.

Both PSHCE and SEAL provision are delivered in conjunction with the TAC team, who provide extensive community-based links to reinforce class-based learning. Agencies involved include the local Police, Health Services and representatives of local business and industry.