Our whole school attendance so far this year is 94.7%, our target is 96%. We need to improve on this.

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Year 5 Zoolab visit
Mar 26 all-day

Zoolab will be visiting our year 5 pupils as part of their curriculum topic on rainforests. Zoolab is a company which carries out hands on experiences with a range of rainforest creatures such as snakes and tarantulas to amaze, educate and inspire children.

Zoolab visit
Mar 26 all-day

As part of Year 5’s curriculum topic on Rainforests, Zoolab will be visiting school. They will be conducting an amazing session with the children whereby the children will get hands on experience with a range of rainforest creatures, such as snakes and tarantulas, which will enhance and enrich their understanding of the rainforest and put the curriculum into action.

Year 1 visit to St Cuthbert’s church
Apr 1 @ 1:15 pm – 3:00 pm

As part of their Year 1 Religious Education curriculum, Year 1 will be visiting St Cuthbert’s church.