Learn by Heart

Count everyday objects reliably
Teddy Numbers

Read, write and order numbers to 20
Caterpillar Ordering
Caterpillar Slider
SAS Number Sort
Number Order
Number Track
Camel Times Tables
Duck Shoot
Balloon Count
Underwater Counting
The Gingerbread Man Game
Ladybird Spots

Count on or back in: 2’s, 5’s and 10’s
Fishy 2s

Recall all addition facts for numbers to at least 10
Maths Magician
Funky Mummy
Penguin Party Addition
Sum Sense
Jetski Addition
Pizza Pizzazz

Recall all subtraction facts for numbers to at least 10
Minus Mission
Island Chase Subtraction
Subtraction Machine

Derive and recall all number pairs that total 10/20/100
Number Bond Machine
Beaver Bonds
Number Bonds – Make 10
Alien Pairs to 10
Ghost Blasters II

Recall the doubles and halves of all numbers to at least 10, then 20
Robin Hood Doubles
Hit The Button
Dartboard Doubles