Year 5

Year 5 has children aged 9-10 years old. We have 3 classes in year 5, with 30 pupils in each class.

Pankhurst class is named after the leader of the British suffragette movement, Emmeline Pankhurst. The teacher in Pankhurst class is Miss Akhtar.

Turing class is named after British computer scientist and mathematician, Alan Turing. The teacher in Turing class is Miss Simms.

Ennis class is named after the British athlete Jessica EnnisThe teacher in Ennis class is Miss Gray.




Autumn - Theme
Our theme is ‘‘Is there anybody there?’

We will be looking at science fiction stories based on Dr Who and Star Wars. and writing Non-chronological reports based on Darth Vader and Yoda characters.

Autumn - Science
Our theme is ‘‘Earth and Space’

We will be learning about the relationship between the Earth, Sun and Moon, along with space travel. Also we will be learning about Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 journey to the moon.

Autumn - ICT
In ICT we will be learning to create a computer game and cryptography.

Children will plan their own simple computer game, designing characters and backgrounds, and create
a working prototype, which they develop further based on feedback they receive.
They will also be learning about how cryptography works, and how it can be used for communicating
information securely.