Year 4

Year 4 has children aged 8-9 years old. We have 3 classes in year 4, with 30 pupils in each class.

Armstrong class is named after American astronaut Neil Armstrong. The teacher in Armstrong class is Miss Yasin.

Newton class is named after English physicist and mathematician Sir Isaac Newton. The teacher in Newton class is Miss Abbas.

Adams class is named after British Olympic boxer, Nicola Adams. The teacher in Adams class is Mr Gallagher.




Autumn - Theme
Our theme is ‘Who were the early Lawmakers?’

This term we will be learning about the historical events that occurred, such as the Magna Carta, which shaped how laws are made in Britain today.

Autumn - Science
Our Science theme is ' States of Matter'

The children will be looking at the different types of matter (solids, liquids and gasses) and their properties.. They will also be learning about the water cycle.

Autumn - ICT
In ICT we will be learning to create an educational game and program

Children will create a simple educational game, then they will develop it further to add functionality and improve the user interface. They will also work together to design a simple toy that incorporates sensors and outputs and then create an on-screen prototype of their toy.