Year 1

Year 1 has children aged 5-6 years old. We have 2 full classes in year 1, with 30 pupils in each class. We also have a mixed class of Year 1 and Reception children.

Year 1 classes are named after the planets Jupiter, Mercury and Earth.

The teacher in Jupiter class is Mrs Younas.

The teacher in Mercury class is Miss Tariq.

The teacher in Earth class is Mrs Binns.




Autumn - Theme
Our theme is ‘Which birds and plants would Hansel and Gretel find in our school grounds?’

Children will be learning about different birds and plants found within our local area.

Vocabulary used in theme: Birds, plants, Crow, magpie, dandelion, sunflowers, birdfeeder, habitat, environment.

Autumn - Science
Our Science theme is ‘Where do the leaves go in winter?’

Children will be learning about the seasons and identifying changes. They will sketch, draw, compare and observe.

Vocabulary used in theme: materials, plastic, metal, glass, wood, fabric, properties.

Autumn - ICT
In ICT we will be learning about programmable toys and video cameras.

Children will program a toy called a BeeBot to move around a map to find buried treasure.
They will also learn how to use a video camera to record themselves making a healthy meal or snack.

Vocabulary used: algorithm, clip, edit, film, instructions, recipe, robot, video camera.