Class attendance last week

2022-07-22 Attendance Statistics – 19 Jul 2021 – 22 Jul 2022

Should I keep my child off school?

Regular attendance is essential to facilitate your child’s progress. These are the statutory regulations that must be followed and the governors have agreed:
Registers will be open from 8.45 – 9.00 a.m. Any child arriving after this time will be marked late and after 9.30 a.m. deemed to be legally absent and will NOT receive an attendance mark. However, any child arriving after 9.00 a.m. will be signed in the late book in the office.

Whenever a child is absent from school a letter of explanation MUST be sent, or verbal notice given as to the reason for absence. The Home School Liaison Officer will phone home on the first day of absence if no notification is received.

Children must never be allowed to stay away from school for inappropriate reasons, such as shopping expeditions, visits to the airport etc

Children will only be given authorised absence from medical or dental appointments where prior permission has been obtained from the school. The LA advice is that parents should be discouraged from arranging medical, or similar appointments, for children during school hours.

Parents wishing to take their children away from school for long periods MUST obtain permission from school. Parents are strongly advised to contact school ASAP so that the school can make them aware of the necessary procedures involved. A place cannot be reserved or guaranteed. Please ask for a letter from school giving full details on holiday absences.

The school is now required to report to the Educational Social Worker, any absence (whether authorised or not) that:

  • exceeds 2 weeks, or
  • where a pattern of absence begins to show, or
  • where absence occurs on four or more consecutive weeks.

After 8.50 a.m. doors will be closed promptly. Any children arriving after this will be marked late and you will need to take your child through the nursery entrance to the hub, where they will be signed into school.