Year 2

Year 2 has children aged 6-7 years old. We have 3 classes in year 2, with 30 pupils in each class.

Hawking class is named after the Physicist Stephen Hawking. The teacher in Hawking class is Mrs Simmonds.

Galileo class is named after the Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei. The teacher in Galileo class is Mrs Jacques.

Sharman class is named after the British astronaut, Helen Sharman. The teacher in Sharman class is Mr Grimshaw.




Autumn - Theme
Our theme is ‘How can I become a dinosaur hunter?’

For this topic, we will look at where dinosaurs live, how we know they existed and what their features were that helped them survive millions of years ago. We will be sure to learn all about famous dinosaur experts and everything about our favourite dinosaurs.

Autumn - Science
Our Science theme is 'Could we escape the Great Fire of London?'

We will take a look back in time at the scary world of London in 1666. During this topic, we will look at what fires can do, how they move and what they sound like. We will work out if there was any way to escape the fire and why it was such a horrible tragedy.

Autumn - ICT
In ICT we will be learning to create and debug a computer program.

Children will learn to program a sprite to move around the screen. They will also learn how to debug problems in a game.