Reception has children aged 4-5 years old. Reception is the first year of compulsory education, so for those who did not attend Nursery, this will be their first year in school. We have 3 classes in Reception, with 30 pupils in each class.

Reception classes are named after the planets Saturn, Mars and Earth.

The teachers in reception for 2024/25 are Miss Fitzgerald in Saturn, Miss Irfan in Mars and Miss Laban in Earth. They are supported by the Early Years Practitioners; Miss A Iqbal, Miss S Iqbal, Miss Noreen and Miss Khan. As well as the Teaching and learning partners, Miss Nazli and Miss Abid.

What will we be learning this year?

Autumn 1 Term

Curriculum Theme: Who is in my Family? Download Knowledge Mat
Supporting texts: Owl Babies, Little Beauty, The Big Red Bath, Harry and his dinosaurs go to school, Happy Hatchday, The Tiger Who Came to Tea.

Autumn 2 Term

Curriculum Theme: Once Upon a time Download Knowledge Mat
Supporting texts: • I can catch a monster, Little Red, The Last Wolf, Princess and the pea, Oi Frog, Oi Dog.

Spring 1 Term

Curriculum Theme: Where does the snow go? (Winter) Download Knowledge Mat
Supporting texts: Leaf , Blown Away, Sunk, Biscuit bear.

Spring 2 Term

Curriculum Theme: Down on the farm. Download Knowledge Mat
Supporting texts: Toys in Space, Meet the Planets, Space Jam, Aliens Love Underpants, Ada twist the scientist.

Summer 1 Term

Curriculum Theme: How do plants grow? (Growing and Healthy eating) Download Knowledge Mat
Supporting texts: Duck-Billed Platypus, Oi Cat, We all went on Safari a Counting Journey through Tanzania, Going to Mecca, Give peas a chance.

Summer 2 Term

Curriculum Theme: What can you find in the garden? (Minibeasts) Download Knowledge Mat
Supporting texts: Otto Blotter, Hairy Maclary from Donaldson Dairy, Poo in the Zoo, Mr Big, The Wolves who Came for Dinner.