These are the outcomes for the last 3 academic years

You can find detailed school performance tables published by the DfE at the link below.


% achieving good level of development (GLD)65%56%62%72%
Mean Score30.929.333.9
Children are required to have a Good Level of Development or GLD if they have achieved the Early Learning Goals (ELGs) set out within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum.

Phonics Screening results

% Y1 Pass95%78%83%83%
% Y2 Pass91%98%85%91%

KS1 Results

Reading % meeting expected standard61%64%66%75%
Reading % above expected standard6%0%6%26%
Writing % meeting expected standard55%59%58%70%
Writing % above expected standard0%1%4%15%
Maths % meeting expected standard63%64%65%76%
Maths % above expected standard2%0%6%22%
Reading, writing & maths combined % meeting expected standard54%51%

KS2 Results

Reading % meeting expected standard53%59%69%75%
Reading % above expected standard10%21%14%28%
Writing % meeting expected standard93%83%84%78%
Writing % above expected standard16%0%11%20%
Maths % meeting expected standard67%66%82%76%
Maths % above expected standard17%17%21%24%
Grammar, punctuation and spelling % meeting expected standard or above72%82%
Grammar, punctuation and spelling % above expected30%
Reading, writing & maths combined % meeting expected standard49%52%63%64%
Reading, writing & maths combined % above expected standard6%0%2%9%

Progress score

A new progress score was introduced in 2016. Zero is in-line with the national average. A positive value is above the average and a negative value below.

Expected progress in reading-3.62-0.421.420
Expected progress in writing3.51.52.870
Expected progress in maths0.20.42.640